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Get High Quality & Healthy Vending Machines in the Raleigh Triangle Area

Offering state of the art healthy snack and drink vending machines stocked with the brands you love! Available for schools, gyms, dance studios, apartments, hotels, and more....

A Locally Operated, Family-Owned Business

Welcome to Carolina Fresh! We provide modern, healthy vending machines in Raleigh, NC and it's surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide high quality and affordable vending machine solutions. And we achieve this by investing in the latest vending machine technologies, which are favored by our clients. We also work hard to monitor and maintain our vending machines. If there is a problem, we will provide a timely response within 24 hours.

Snack Smarter with Our Healthier Food and Drinks

We are a provider of healthy snack and drink vending machines in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and the surrounding areas. We specialize in providing delicious healthy snack and beverage options. We help you snack smarter with our wide range of healthier food and beverages that are low in sugar, fat, and sodium. For schools, we follow the USDA Smart Snacks guidelines.


Our vending machine services are available in different types of environments, including workplaces, schools, gyms, apartments and more in the greater Raleigh area. We are a family-owned business devoted to offering healthy snack and beverage vending services.

Our major service areas include...

  • Raleigh, NC

  • Cary, NC

  • Durham, NC

  • Morrisville, NC

  • Research Triangle Park, NC


Offering Assorted Range of Snacks and Drinks

Our vending machines are stocked with a variety of healthy and traditional snacks and drinks. We also offer a customizable product selection program that lets you choose the products to be filled in the machine. In short, we are your one-stop-shop for all vending needs.


We have seen clients increase revenue by 300% when switching from older junk food machines to healthy modern and stylistic machines (https://www.raleighfreshvending.com/blog/healthy-vending-outperforms-standard-vending).

The machine delivery is free. The machine maintenance and ongoing inventory replenishment is free. So, there is no risk to the client, and typically, they receive a monthly commission check based on volume.

Offering State of the Art Machines:

We use technologically advanced food and drink vending machines. Here are some of the key features of our machines.

  • Combination machines providing both snack and drink options

  • Cash or Credit payment options, including contactless credit card, Apple iPay or Google Pay

  • Meets ADA requirements

  • Eco Friendly machines with Energy Star Ratings.

  • Health Sensors to Detect and moderate Temperature

  • Drop-bin sensors to ensure payment does not occur without product delivery

  • Online Reporting System for Restocking

  • Made in the USA

Hyper-Focused Customer Support

Our vending machines are backed by our 24-hour customer care. We are available by day and night to support installation, maintenance, and cleaning. We manage every aspect of the vending machine, which allows you to focus on your daily operations without spending time on vending machine issues.

Providing Services to All Venues

We are a full-service vending company in Raleigh and offer high quality vending machines to all location types, including schools, gyms, dance studios, apartments, hotels, and more.


We work directly with you to determine the healthy vending requirements of your school. We help you develop practical solutions for your school or district. We take care of customized product assortments and compliance with USDA regulations. As a result, we make ensure your teachers, students, and other people have access to healthy foods and beverages with our vending machines.

Gym and Dance Studio

Often the snack or beverage requirements of gyms and dance studios are different than other venues. The intense physical activities of these locations typically require the products that can augment their nutrition and energy requirements. That’s why the items inside the machine are carefully chosen and can be personalized to suit your audience or clients in particular. From protein shakes, sports drinks, supplements, to energy drinks and protein bars, we have all the healthy snack and drink options that you possibly require.


With our state of art vending machines designed for workplaces and business spaces, you can meet the needs of your workforce and visitors around the clock. Our vending machines can be installed in office buildings, kitchen or common areas, cafeterias, lobbies and more.


When it comes to your vending machine requirements at the hotel, we know what can work best for you. We make sure that our vending machine fulfills your every expectation, and your guests always have quick and simple access to snacks or drinks.


Besides providing convenience to your residents, a vending machine can be an effective source of profit and revenue for the property managers. We are a reliable vending machine provider for apartment and condominium facilities.


Whether you are looking for a vending machine for your workplace, gym, hotel, school or residential building, look no further than Carolina Fresh. We offer high quality and premium vending machines backed by high-quality product assortment, delivery, installation, and ongoing service. Contact us now!

Providing access to healthy eating alternatives to your customers, students or employees will boost productivity and satisfaction. This is why our vending machines come stocked with healthy snacks and drinks. We will help you choose the right products for your business or institution.

Our vending machines are advanced, stylish, and sleek, ensuring a great user experience. When you choose our snack and drink vending machine services in Raleigh, you are assured of a 24-hour customer care guarantee. We are available day and night to help with maintenance, installation, repair, and cleaning.

We don’t require a long-term commitment to place a vending machine. We are confident in our vending operation and the value it provides to our locations. We are a family-owned and operated vending machine company in Raleigh. We work hard to meet our customer’s needs through our high-quality service and care. It means that we provide our clients with the time and attention they deserve. We provide customized vending machine services in Raleigh, creating unique refreshment solutions for each of our customers.

We are your healthy food and drink vending machine provider in Raleigh! Please give us a call to learn more about installing a vending machine at your location.