7 Vending Machine Snacks for Low Carb Diet Food

Losing weight and binge eating can go hand in hand if that’s what’s stopping you from snacking while you wish to stay low on carbs. Gone are the days when vending machines were only about serving the carb and sugar-loaded junk snacks. With people hitting gyms and doing yoga, vending machine companies have started coming up with healthier options to meet the snack pangs of those who are into the min-carbohydrates diet days. No matter your age group or food preferences, check out a few vending machine snacks that would keep your body organs functioning perfectly and waistlines in shape!

Protein Bars

Candy bar cravers can pick up the protein bars, which are specifically made for low carb snacking. Choosing the right brand has to be kept in mind as many traditional protein bars are in sugar and calories. You can go for brands like Health Warrior, Clif, Think or ProSource.

Meat Sticks and Jerky

Meat Sticks and jerky provide a quick protein boost. There are many available brands that offer high protein meat sticks with fewer carbohydrates. It's a great replacement to guilt-free snacking!

Options in Nuts

Dry roasted and salted peanuts, seedless raisins, and almonds are also great if you want to munch and crunch with healthy, fibers, and fats. Avoiding salted ones is a better option, and keeping the sodium and calorie intake per serving has to be followed nut snacks. Pistachios are also a good alternative, which have around 8gms of carbs per ounce serving.

Salted-Roasted Sunflower seeds

Turn to sunflower seeds! The sunflower kernels hold the light carb perks and are also a giver of the Vitamin E with a satisfying and crispy taste.

Dried apricots

These are absolutely fat and salt-free, and are the perfect option to meet the snack cravings. Dried apricots have roughly 26g or carbs and are 10 calories.

Kale Chips

Kale Chips have zero Cholesterol, minimum sugar, and around 100 cal per serving with no trans fat. It's a good option for healthier eating. Along with this, there are many baked chips by various brands that can satisfy hunger.

Fig Newtons

For suppressing the irrepressible sweet tooth, fig newtons are good options, but should not be eaten daily due to higher sugar levels.

Skipping your food habits during low carbohydrate dieting is not as good an approach as replacing the unhealthy with the healthy or replacing few nutrients with the others. Therefore, every low carb diet has a substitute for healthy snacking with minimum carbs, and the good news is that now the vending machines offer them too. So, whether its schools, offices, or at the local gym, you can always fin nutritional options that taste delicious too.