Benefits of a Vending Machine

There are many benefits for hosting a vending machine at your location. Regardless of the type of location, the primary benefit is making customers/students/guests/employees happy. Many of our clients consider their vending machine to be an amenity that provides an extra level of convenience and customer service. However, there are many other benefits to placing a vending machine onsite that are often overlooked.

The first is time savings. By placing a vending machine at a hotel, a school, a business or any other type of location, there is no longer a need to stock snacks or drinks. There is no need to spend time buying inventory, or managing petty cash. The owner of a dance studio in Raleigh, NC made weekly trips to Costco to stock up on snacks and drinks for her students. She decided to put a vending machine in the studio and instantly realized her time savings. Quite simply, a vending machine allows the location to focus on what it does best.

Another benefit is an addition revenue stream. Not only did the dance studio owner save time, she started receiving a monthly commission payment that exceeded what she was making by selling the snacks and drinks on her own. Higher traffic vending machines can generate sizeable commissions on a monthly basis, which is great for the location considering it doesn’t have to do any work to earn it!

Finally, a vending machine offers no risk to the location. Vending machines are insured for theft and damage and are owned by the vending operator. The location does not have to worry about damage to the property or any liability associated with the machine. The operator handles the delivery of the machine and is responsible for the ongoing maintenance. In essence, it’s a no lose proposition for the location.

Carolina Fresh operates vending machines throughout Raleigh, Cary, RTP, Morrisville and Durham. Please contact us if you are interested in placing a machine at your location.