COVID-19 Impact on Vending Machines

Does your vending machine accept only cash?

In a recent Mastercard survey focused on the implications of the coronavirus pandemic, 82% of respondents worldwide now view contactless as the cleaner way to pay, and 74% state they will continue to use contactless payment post-pandemic. Some even avoided withdrawing or handling potentially "dirty" cash altogether, with ATM transactions down by over 60% since lockdown began.

Today consumers are fearful due to concerns that cash handling is dirty and may be another way the coronavirus can be transmitted and spread. The retail industry has accentuated this hysteria with many shops and supermarkets refusing to accept cash payments, offering card transactions only.

With "dirty cash" identified as a medium for transmitting COVID-19, the final curtain is slowly closing on cash payment, clearing the way for another stellar rise in contactless payments. Make sure your vending machine operator provides “contactless” payment options. If they do not, you will be doing your vending consumers a disservice until you find one that does.


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