Our Vending Operation

Inspiring Healthy Vending Machine Choices

At Carolina Fresh, our ultimate goal is to inspire people to choose healthy food over junk. But that very important choice can only be made when healthy choices are available. We are a Raleigh-based, family-run company operating healthy vending machines in a variety of locations, including colleges, hotels, gyms, dance schools and others. When you chose to place one of our vending machines in your location, you will enjoy a hassle-free and customer-friendly healthy snack/drink vending experience.

We take a customer-first approach to make sure your customers are happy. We proactively manage inventory and quickly respond to customer service requests. We provide the initial snack and drink inventory for the vending machine, and then replenish as sales occur. We are a nimble team and respond to customer requests within 24 hours.

As part of machine placement, we provide the following:

Machine Delivery

  • Conduct site review to determine machine type (snack, drink or combo), machine placement and delivery logistics

  • Provide initial assortment and pricing recommendations

  • Deliver and install machine at the location

  • Stock initial inventory assortment for each machine location and activate machine

Ongoing Vending Management

  • Inventory monitoring and replenishment

  • Monthly sales and commission reporting

  • Ongoing site reviews with assortment adjustments